Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fish: Cooking Experiences In My Younger Years

Photo Credit: by Kochen


Next to rice, i learned to cook fish. I know only 5 ways of cooking with this: Pinirito (Fried), Tinola (Soup), Escabeche (Sweet and Sour), and Inun-un (boiled with vinegar, salt and spices).

My Mom let me cook fish when i reached High School. My Tinola was ok, my Pinirito and Inun-on sometimes was burnt. One time, i was hooked up with novels that i forgot i cooked something. So i ended up burning the fish. I just added oil cos it was too dry... My specialty was the Escabeche. I loved to cook this one, even volunteered to do the cooking when we had fish for our meal. I just let my Mom help me in frying it first on oil while i prepared the following ingredients:

garlic(chopped),red bell pepper(julianned),onion(chopped),tomato(chopped), vinegar(1 cup), soy sauce(1/2 cup), sugar (1tbsp)

I just mixed the liquid ingredients with sugar and set it aside. Sauted the other ingredients, added the fried fish and the prepared solution. Then let it boil for a minute and it was ready for our meal. It was easy.

I liked cooking it cos it was one of my favorite dishes. I liked Inun-unan (also known Paksiw) too. It has similar ingredients except that there's no sugar and instead of soy sauce, u may use salt. Remove tomato, onion and add peppercorn, ginger, bay leaf and 1/2 cup water. Try it :)

So i was a better cook then when it comes to fish but for cooking rice, i had to practice more...

to be continued...

My Inun-unan na Tilapia:

Ingredients courtesy of Ma.Nollie Hausman, i cooked it in her kuzina. I like it better when it's dried and i'll just add oil and fried a little. That would be perfect!

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