Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chicken: Cooking Experiences In My Younger Years

Manok Bisaya (Native Chicken): We filipinos love our native chicken, especially if we make a soup out of it, cook it whole (unchopped) with raw papaya and spices. MMMMM taste good. I miss eating it. I always remember my Tatay (Grandma's brother-in-law) always have a native chicken ready for us to eat. If we tell him we are coming, he's outside the house trying to catch his chickens to be served for dinner. I like chicken but I was too lazy to cook. Mom taught me how but i never learned. I only know how to boil the chopped chicken meat and add water, veges and spices. Then wait to let it boil and salt to taste. That was it and just called Mom to finish cooking it because i wasn't confident enough of my own cooking. I was only confident to eat what they cooked hehe. I love Dad's cooking, he cooked adobo and fried chicken always and those tasted so good. I tried watching him cooking but I couldn't recall how he did it :) My way of cooking is different. I've read this on my recipe book.

I marinated it first with soy sauce and vinegar, added with crushed garlic and a lot of pepper (I love pepper/spicy food!)

I cooked it the next day: Fried Chicken and Adobo. I just added flour with salt and pepper for the fried chicken. I sometimes dip it on beaten egg and bread crumbs. Simple and easy and tasty. For the adobo, i added water and oil, cooked the meat until tender. You may add red bell pepper and onion later when it's nearly cooked. I like it when there are extra onion and pepper :)
Good thing I learned cooking chicken meat. I only tried cooking it here in States. I should have let my parents taste my adobo or fried chicken. For sure they'll like it. They are happy for me cos at least, I'm not what I used to be. I remember, it was in my high school years when Mom asked me to cook the chicken feet. I liked to eat it specially when it's BBQd or cooked as Adobo.
I didn't know how to cook it so I asked Mom how. She told me to clean it, wash it and cook it. So i cleaned it, washed it thoroughly and cooked it. I added water in the pan and waited for it to boil. Then I added the spices. Moments later, the chicken feet were cooked and it smelled good.
So I called them cos it was time for lunch and everyone's gathered around the table. When Mom noticed something. She got mad at me all of a sudden. Took the pieces of chicken feet and placed it on my plate and said angrily "EAT IT ALL!"
I was surprised and wanted to cry. She didn't eat what I cooked cos she was so mad at me. So mad cos I wasted what i cooked. Everyone didn't eat it. No one couldn't eat it... I cooked the chicken feet without cutting the chicken nails! Imagine how gross was that! I didn't know that the nails should be cut or removed. I wasn't using my brain...I reember I cleaned the nails property by using a brush lol... I was out of my mind. So everybody didn't eat and we ended up eating someone's cooking. There was no time to cook, everyone's hungry instead, they just bought food from the cafeteria.
That was a funny experience. I learned something from that :) don't cook anything with NAILS lol After that, I didn't try to cook chicken feet again, didn't want to be reprimanded. But if I ever asked to cook, I think I will. I know already what to do.
See, I completely changed. Well, there's always a room for improvement, and that is living here with my loving Hubby. I'm glad I met Franko.

Photo Credit: by alibaba (chicken feet)

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